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Many think that social media content is created just for branding. Big mistake. Social media management serves one purpose – to sell more.

That is why you have to post consistently valuable, fun, interesting content for people to gain trust, and buy from you when they are ready.

Let us explain why.

As a social media management agency in Dubai, this is the content funnel that we use in digital marketing: AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Attention is your advertisement, which brings a person to visit your social profile. Then you have five seconds to either make this person stay on your account or leave. This is the stage of “interest” that you can achieve only by creating great content. If a prospect is interested – they will follow your account. By constantly seeing your posts and stories your potential client will raise trust and move to the stage of desire: “I want this product”. To add “now” to “I want this product”, you need to trigger a person with a special offer or a super deal and slide them from the stage of desire to action. We use triggers like “limited time offer, distress deal, free delivery only tomorrow” etc.

This is the customer purchase journey that you and your marketing team need to consider when building content and advertising strategies. Because only 1-3% of the market is ready to buy now. Is it enough to grow your business? Doubtful. Don’t forget about your competition who fight with you for the same 1-3%.

Look at the market segmentation which we at GPS call “Cake Formula”.

In any given market there are 1-3% of people who are ready to buy now. 17-19% will be ready to buy in one week to six months, and 20% will buy one day. The idea here is to engage and remind them about your company always, gain trust, so when they will be ready to buy, they will buy from you. This means, that instead of constant retargeting and pumping the budget in the ads, you simply need to produce valuable content and retarget for free the much bigger market. Compare 1-3% and 40%. See the difference?

That’s why social media content creation needs to go in parallel with your advertising campaigns and proper social media management. Content that no one sees makes zero sense. Likewise, if you advertise banners but don’t work on building valuable content and maintain your social media channels, your marketing will be weak and you will not achieve the consistency and quality from your lead generating campaigns.

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As a leading social media management company in Dubai, GPS Marketing Agency doesn’t take projects just for posts or advertising separately. We work on a 360 approach in order to grow your business. For some businesses we recommend to use micro and macro influencers when necessary as a way of advertising. It’s a good tool to spread the “word of mouth”. Though, it depends on the strategy. It may so happen that this kind of a digital PR is not the best solution for your particular business.

We have different packages for Social Media marketing and management in Dubai and we will gladly assist you on the pricing and further details when you contact us.

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