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Let us explain to you the logic behind lead generation campaigns.

Lead generation campaigns and content are married, forever and deeply in love. Targeting and budget are not enough for a successful campaign, the information that you place on your social media or the landing page and website (content) is what converts a visitor to a potential buyer.

The biggest mistake in advertising that many companies do is forgetting about social media and website management. They just focus on the lead generation and then worry why it’s not bringing the desired results.

Here is the proof.

Remember your last purchase that you did on social media or a website from a company you’ve never purchased from before. What was your journey like? You saw an advertisement, you clicked either to check a social media profile or it lead you straight to an e-commerce website. What made you buy from them? You may not even have noticed but the way their social media or website was managed, professionally and without technical errors, made you gain trust in the company. Then you either contacted a company representative and received great customer service, or you went through reviews on Google or Facebook to make sure that this provider was good. If you were not ready to buy at that time, you followed them on Social Media, and stayed updated with their news and offers and bought from them when you were ready. (You were in the 37% of the market that we spoke about earlier.) Or you bought straight away because you were looking for this particular product (you were in the 3% of the market who were ready to buy that time.)

This is called a customer purchase journey that we marketers work on daily. GPS, a lead generation agency in Dubai, will help you build these scenarios to convert you from a potential buyer to an actual one.

To build a consistent pipeline of leads and purchases, just advertising is not enough. You need to follow a formula of 4Ps – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Advertising will make sense and get you qualified buyers when you are stable with your product that is placed well. Placement in digital marketing is your social media and website or a landing page that is properly managed, filled with valuable content and technically working without bugs and glitches.

We spoke enough about content, now let’s get to targeting.

Social Media and Google Advertising.

When it comes to digital advertising, we need to understand the basics – on social media we propose our product to people while hoping that it’s something they need. We don’t know if they need it, we just offer. Comparing to Google search ads, when we are in front of the customer who IS looking online for the product that we offer. See the difference?

To execute great campaigns in terms of targeting, your digital marketer has to be smart.

Facebook Ads manager, technically, is very easy. We teach professionals who enroll in GPS Marketing Academy how to launch lead generation campaigns in two days.

What’s important here is to think differently. Example in the real estate market: if you are targeting people based on their luxury interests like Graff, AP, RR but you add one more interest “luxury goods”, you spoiled your campaign. Because “luxury goods” interest is very generic. You will see that your audience from 400,000 people grows to 2 million, meaning you are targeting everyone.

With Google ads, the same story, your marketer has to understand the business in order to convert it into keywords.

Here is another example. Luxury car rental company

The very popular keyword “Rent a car in Dubai” is absolutely useless in this business. It will bring traffic that will not convert, because people are looking for Toyota, Kia, or such mid-range cars. The correct keyword should be “Rent a luxury car in Dubai”, “Rent a Supercar in Dubai”, “Rent a sports car in Dubai”, etc. It’s much less popular and brings less traffic but this traffic will convert into paying customers.

And of course, tracking that you place on your Social Media, website and landing pages will help you analyze the success of your lead generation campaigns.

If you want to see examples of our work, visit the case study of Advertising by clicking here.

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