GPS Marketing Academy

Public masterclasses and corporate trainings

If you are in a business where expertise matters, you and your key employees have to work on your personal brand online. If you manage your social media properly and advertise with a decent budget, you will grow your business and charge more for your service than your competition. And people will buy regardless the price.

It’s not a fairy tale, it’s human psychology. People trust people they like, people buy from people they trust.

GPS Marketing Academy is a part of GPS Marketing Agency, where we hold masterclasses and corporate digital marketing trainings.

Public Masterclass “Scale UP”.

Our digital marketing course takes 2 days to complete, where the first day is theoretical and the second day is practical. In this digital marketing course, we study branding, content creation, design and edit banners and videos, learn and practice lead generation.
Every month we offer masterclasses for particular professionals like real estate agents, doctors, consultants, lawyers, and small businesses.

If you are an individual professional or a group of less than twenty, you can attend one of our masterclasses. You can check the one for this month on this page.

For the schedule of the next masterclasses please contact us.

Corporate trainings

We also offer corporate digital marketing training that can be customized based on the company needs and number of people. This service is very popular with real estate agencies. We have trained a team of Metropolitan Group, Elysian Group, Property Zone, Rozella Real Estate, Aston Pearl and many others.

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