Digital Marketing Consultancy in Dubai

Audit and marketing strategy services

If you have a small marketing team in house but you lack a marketing head for direction and control, we provide this service.

We have 3 options for working with companies.

Option 1

Digital marketing consultancy sessions. Face to face, or through zoom

You order them on demand, without subscription or retainer. It’s a one hour session where one of the TOP marketers at GPS works with you on your business. Creates a strategy, checks your current marketing approach, builds a road map, and corrects marketing errors if you make any.

Option 2

Audit and Strategy

This is a more complex work, where GPS’s team is auditing your marketing channels, and creates a strategy for your company to implement. This package can include rebranding as well and is suitable for companies that want to improve their marketing results and quality of leads.
Option 3

GPS Control package

Usually comes as an add-on to the Audit and Strategy package, when a client subscribes to a monthly team management service to make sure that the strategy is implemented and unwanted results are avoided.

It’s a customized service that can include weekly, bi-weekly or monthly progress meetings and checkups.


If you’d like to discuss your particular business, please give us a call

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