Case Study Aurak

We work with many industries and education is one of them.

Our goal is clear – to get as many students to enroll as possible. To reach this goal we took a 360 approach: a very active social media (10-14 videos per month in different languages), international and local social media advertising and Google lead generation campaigns.

When we started over two years ago, we also created the social media visual identity for AURAK.

Visual Identity

Here you can see the before and after

When we do a monthly content plan, we keep in mind that we are talking to two audiences: the students, who are attracted by fun content, and the parents who want to see credibility, as they are investing in their kids’ future.

Videos with faculty, AURAK TV – is a concept where students and professors are answering FAQ’s.

A day at AURAK – category of posts where students show their AURAK life.
We created two AR filters for the students to increase shares and give them a toy to play with.

watch videos and check the testimonial of AURAK’s CMO about his experience working with us.

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What you will practice

Marketing Strategy & Advertising