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GPS Marketing Agency is a full-fledged award-winning digital marketing agency operating in Dubai, UAE, since August 2014.

Our Team

Award-Winning Agency

We are a Digital Magic Company

During the past years we have expanded our activities and proudly grown to be in the Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Agencies in the MENA region, the Best Social Media Agency in Dubai, and a “Superbrand”.

“Success comes when you do what you love, with love. Love makes us generous, caring and willing to help. Love drives us to work longer hours, be more creative and execute smarter campaigns. GPS Marketing is not a company, GPS Marketing is a family that cares about each client like a family member.”

Kate Mogylevska

Founder and Managing Director of GPS Marketing Agency.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to deliver high impact marketing and promote a contrasting way of thinking. We consider ourselves as a GPS in a digital world. We have vast experience, “Coco Chanel” taste, we are smart and we care - that’s what differentiates us from others.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow the businesses of our clients through multiple digital marketing channels. Our specialty is social media management and digital advertising.

Our marketing solutions include a full spectrum of services, such as:

We provide auditing and corporate training services

We assess your marketing status, social media and web presence, provide you with the proper marketing strategy and train your in-house team on how to execute it. We call this service “GPS Marketing Director”, it’s great for companies who don’t have higher marketing management supervising the marketing team.

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